SQID Technologies Limited [CSE: SQID] is a payment processor headquartered in Australia with proprietary software for online debit or credit card payments for both retail and wholesale transactions. It provides merchant services and transaction processing to business merchants and ecommerce customers across both ‘Business to Business’ (B2B) and ‘Business to Consumer’ (B2C) segments to bridge both retail and wholesale transactions through its platform. 

The SQID business has a proven model of delivering sustained profitability over time. Revenue growth has been achieved through strong growth from merchants in industries related to training and eduction.

SQID provides a highly customizable payment-processing platform. For instance, it can seamlessly integrate retail and wholesale payment layers and provide Split Settlements between each layer. 

Split Settlements enables a single transaction to be simultaneously settled to both the referring merchant and the referred merchant’s bank. 

This allows for say a franchisor to receive settlements in parallel to the franchisee allowing for commission structures and transaction based rewards to be settled at the same time the underlying transaction is settled. 

The model is applicable to affiliate marketing, rewards programs, franchises, marketplace apps, agencies, and also software companies running reseller programs. The use of Split Payment Settlement also helps optimize merchant sales and operations by providing valuable insights and transaction reports to merchants. 

Additionally SQID provides a powerful API and integration tools, including WordPress, to help merchants customize their payment solutions to fit their business needs. 

SQID deploys industry standard fraud management tools to minimize the occurrence of cardholder and merchant fraud. 

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